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The Challenge: WholeMade Kitchen was a new concept of bringing Paleo-inspired, ancestral meals to residents throughout Essex County. They needed a brand new identity, visual assets that explained their meals and classes as well as an entire rollout of the brand across a retail store and digital platforms.

Our Solution. After several meetings with the founder, potential clients and a deep dive into the competitive environment, it became apparent this was a very crowded field. We created two psychographic profiles and used “Barbara” and “Gaia” to help us target consumers who wanted food that represented an opportunity to care for your body and nurture your soul through therapeutic, time tested meals. The name plays on “homemade” and reflects the completeness of this nutrition. From there we created a marketing plan and distinct messaging. We then designed a new brand that referenced the equipment used to create home cooked meals. The logo referenced the metal plate found on a Victorian stove. The color palette is inspired by cast iron skillets, bright white porcelain plates, tea towels and garden-fresh ingredients. The colors were then deployed to create a meal “map” that used color coding to select a well-balanced meal. From there we designed menus and other printed materials, packaging, retail design plans, deliver van customization and a mobile Bone Broth cart for farmer’s markets and events. These assets were then utilized for email blasts, social media and on the website.

Awards: 2019 Muse Award. This prestigious awards competition was created by International Awards Associate Inc. in 2015, to answer a need for nurturing and promoting the designing “muses” that push the evolution of design to the next level.

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