Advice on Marketing during a Quarantine

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Boy we wish we were meeting with all of our wonderful clients, enjoying the collaboration of face-to-face interaction but social distancing seems to be here for the foreseeable future. Rather than dwelling on what isn’t or can’t be, everyone at Communications, Ink is looking forward.

To get through these times, we are doing what we do best… helping you interpret the times and supporting your business efforts. Together we can make sure our colleagues, neighbors and clients come through this as best as we can. And we are all wondering how to do this.

How do I continue marketing in a quarantine without appearing disconnected from the “real world?”

Should I freeze my marketing budget?

Maybe we should just sit tight and wait for this to all wrap up…

This is definitely NOT what you should be doing! While each business and organization is unique, there are some common approaches you can apply during uncertain times…

  1. Marketing is an investment. It takes steady investing over time to build up recognition. Turning it off and on actually costs more and takes more time. Establish a realistic budget that will keep your voice out there while cutting non-essential projects.
  2. Be where your clients are. Let’s face it, we are ALL spending way too much time on social media. If you’re not convinced, take a look at your weekly screen time report. Pivoting to the platforms being used by your clients ensures they find you and receive helpful information.
  3. Be thoughtful and considerate. If your business doesn’t require you send an eblast about COVID-19 then don’t. Filling people’s inbox with repetitive and unrelated information might check a box for you, but it doesn’t win any mailbox friends.
  4. Don’t be pushy. Audiences are feeling very confused and vulnerable. A deluge of information that acts like it’s “business as usual” can actually work against your marketing efforts. We recently saw an email from a high end retailer whose subject line was: “One word… Gucci.” Enough said.
  5. Don’t be opportunistic. Communicate only helpful information… changed hours, new safety standards, ways to support those in need. Or provide content that entertain and distracts. A travel company might want to post images allowing its audience to travel virtually to a place that’s off limits right now.
  6. Go with your gut. Does it sound appropriate to you? Would you want to read or see it? You know the answer if the answer is no.
  7. Check in with your best clients. This is old-school advice. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Ask them how they’re doing and assure them you are here for them. Seems really simple but we are all feeling a bit isolated and a personal call can really make someone’s day… and keep you top of mind.
  8. Get out and go for a walk! Not only will it help to pass the time but some of our best ideas come from a good walk

While there is no playbook for these uncertain times, now is not the time to go silent but rather offer information that is needed, timely, honest and direct.

Even though we can’t meet in person… we can certainly help!

Want a free one-hour, one-to-one consultation with one of our marketing gurus to learn more about marketing in a quarantine? Send us an email. Send us an email...

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