Giving Tuesday is Almost Here…

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As a non-profit professional responsible for marketing, you’re probably wondering what to do on Tuesday.

Do you charge ahead with the plan you had put in place months ago?

We suggest a modified approach across your email and social media platforms.
1. Acknowledge the times. Reassure people you understand these are hard times for everyone.

2. Demonstrate the impact. Rather than going straight to an ask, use your marketing platforms to show your audience WHAT you have done with their donations.

3. Segment your list. If you’re going to send an email, see if you can remove the names of individuals who have recently donated. Better yet, send them an email honoring them and their generosity on GivingTuesday.

4. Consider the timing. Everyone is going to be filling inboxes and news feeds with their appeals. Why not start your campaign a bit earlier? You could send out a short series of impact posts that end on Tuesday with a big thank you.

We hope this helps you find your new “normal.” We are here to help!
Cara, Cazzy and Melissa



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