Communications, Ink and LuminArtz Light Up the Night!

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What does a marketing company, non profit, visual artist and a bunch of Epson projectors do when they find themselves in a pandemic? Well, we Light Up the Night. In mid March, with most projects and funding on hold, Communications Ink, a strategic marketing firm and LuminArtz, a non-profit organization that brings art to light, brainstormed ideas around supporting our community along with Pamela Hersch, a project mapping and visual artist. With so many people spending unprecedented time on social media, we decided to put together a series of pop-up light shows and broadcast them live on Facebook.

The goal was simple: offer hope, along with something to entertain people during these dark times. “What we do best is telling stories through art. That’s why we felt it important to collaborate with LuminArtz to ‘Light Up the Night.’ ” Cara Hutchins, Communications, Ink.

On April 4 we took inspiration from our own backyard– Dogtown in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Roger Babson, a wealthy entrepreneur, decided to keep his quarrymen employed during the Great Depression by chiseling inspirational thoughts onto boulders in the woods. Sayings like “Be on Time” or “Love Mother” were permanently carved into large ancient rocks. To make it more relevant to today’s times, we added “Wash your Hands” and “Wear a Mask” then projected these sayings onto a massive boulder. Looking back in time offers reassurance that others have endured similar hardships and provides inspiration as well as hope.

Since then, Light Up the Night has been projecting light displays at pop-up locations throughout Essex County. We transformed Historic Beverly’s Balch House into the perfect backdrop for Emily Dickenson’s poem “Hope is the Thing with Feathers” as interpreted by artist JennyMae Kho.

In honor of Earth Day, we traveled to Ocean Alliances’ iconic Paint Factory  to project Pamela Hersch’s message of opportunity for our planet.

In support of our brave healthcare workers, we partnered with the Cape Ann Museum and Harbor Voices to project a multilingual “Thank You Frontline Heros” at the new Cape Ann Museum Green Campus on the Rt. 128 Rotary.

You can view videos of past events, watch them live and see information about the next ones by visiting… LuminArtz.

Join us TOMORROW as we continue to thank our healthcare workers and like us on Instagram to find out where we will be next!

The best way to get through this is uniting around artistic expression and human kindness. We hope you will join us… for now from the comfort of your homes. Our illumination schedule is unplanned, as these events are pulled together in under a week, but you can find us by following us on Instagram or Facebook .  

Together, Let’s Light Up the Night!

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