2019 Muse Gold Award


WholeMade Kitchen brings the concept of Paleo-inspired, ancestral meals to residents throughout Essex County. Chef-prepared dishes, designed by Founder Helen Allard, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner fuel your body and leave you feeling vibrant. The meals, which consist of raw greens, a meat protein, vegetable side and condiment are available for pick up at their Beverly location and delivery around the North Shore of Massachusetts. In addition, to chef-prepared meals and nutrient-dense bone broths, WholeMade Kitchen offers seminars and one-on-one counseling.

The Situation

Communications, Ink was approached by Helen Allard to build a new brand identity as well as design meal packaging, printed materials, uniforms, website layout, broth cart and social media. Given the crowded field of prepared meals, we chose to create two psychographic profiles and used them to differentiate WholeMade Kitchen from other prepared meal options.  Targeting a customer who doesn’t simply want to fill themselves with food, the brand represents the opportunity to care for your body and nurture your soul. It’s therapeutic and time tested.

Our Solution

From a visual perspective, the brand references the equipment used to produce home-cooked meals that provide complete nutrition and protect against health issues like auto-immune diseases and fatigue.  The lockup for WholeMade Kitchen references the metal plate found on the front of an oven door. While the primary brand colors are inspired by cast iron skillets of the Victorian Era and the bright white of a porcelain plate, the secondary colors are derived from natural ingredients such as tomatoes and marigolds as well as integral kitchen items like tea towels and enamel skillets. Together they represent healthy eating and are modern enough to appeal to today’s audience.The colors further reference they way to build a “Meal Map” that represents a nutritionally-complete meal. The embellishments are handcrafted providing a high-touch feel to the overall brand. The font for Kitchen reversed out in white marries 19th-century cooking with 21st century science in a tasty, luxurious brand. Better than homemade, it’s WholeMade.The name leverages the nutritional completeness of a whole food meal and intentionally plays on “homemade.”

The brand currently includes a sub-brand for the retail arm of the business. WholeMade Kitchen is used to refer to the retail space on Hale Street as well as the broth cart and nutritional seminars. WholeMade is used for the counseling branch of the offering.

Retail & Packaging


Logo and Brand Palette