Wellspring was founded in 1981 by seven individuals who wanted to create a home where they would live and also provide temporary shelter to families. Today Wellspring has more than 40 employees, 400 volunteers and helps 2000 guests per year.

The Situation

While Wellspring enjoys a positive reputation, the public has little awareness for all Wellspring has to offer. Wellspring still offers housing support but works more upstream providing career and education planning, job training, adult basic education, ESL and a Holiday Store.

What We Found

Based on our meeting with the leadership team at Wellspring and more than a dozen face-to-face interviews with their constituents including staff, volunteers and donors, we found Wellspring is in the business of improving lives and helping its audiences realize their individual potential. We also discovered Wellspring creates long term relationships with their constituents as they continue to realize their potential.

Our Solution

Given the equity and recognition of the Wellspring “tree” we felt a visual refresh was the best next step. The new Wellspring logo removes the word “house” to broaden the breadth of the organization. While the new logo is in keeping with the original one, it introduces vitality to the logo mark. The new logo represents a symbiotic relationship. The tree provides shelter (which pays homage to the origins of Wellspring) while the bird represents opportunity for growth and change. Together with the fruit, there is a thriving environment in which each element is vital to the overall success of the community. One cannot exist without the other. The colors are natural, optimistic and positive while the fonts provide a unique look and feel to the brand.

The logo mark was then introduced at their Annual luncheon with an invitation, table cards and stage banners. Communications, Ink then designed stationery, Annual Fund mailing with custom icons, newsletter, business cards and name badges, and a refreshed design for their website. We also helped them introduce the new branding and messaging their internal audience with a brand launch event.

Logo and Brand Palette