Health Plans Inc. is a Harvard Pilgram Company that has been designing and servicing health plans since 1981 for clients of all types and sizes. Communications, Ink was hired to produce Welcome materials for the City of Spartanburg’s new health plan.

The Situation

Communications, Ink was given two weeks to write, design and produce a welcome letter, employee poster, buckslip insert, folder and 8-page brochure. This was further compounded by the challenge of co-branding the materials with the logos of the two companies providing the benefit plan services.

What We Found

The City of Spartanburg employees were anxious about switching to a new plan. They were concerned the switch would be complicated and they might lose some of the benefits they enjoyed already. We had to reassure them the switch would not only be easy but would provide them with benefits better than what they had already. We also found they were skeptical of these services coming from a provider that was not local.

Our Solution

We added a bright yellow and blue palette to the current brand to convey health and to be positive as well empowered. We selected imagery that was carefree to help the employees see the change was easy and local to show the provider was there for them. Simple icons were developed to show easy the health care transition would be. The resulting Employees Benefits Welcome Package for Health Plans informs city employees change is easy through a careful rollout of a welcome letter, folder and brochure. The change was reinforced with a poster that was displayed in City offices and an envelope stuffer that was mailed with payroll checks.

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