2016 Silver Davey Award


Harborlight Montessori is a toddler through 8th grade school in Beverly, Massachusetts that combines the best Montessori practices with innovative teaching.

The Situation

Harborlight had recently merged with another local Montessori school. The newly combined institution lacked a distinct logo mark, consistent type treatment and messaging.

What We Found

The school needed to undergo a rebranding to differentiate the school from others and create a name that was easy to recall. They needed broad message themes to reinforce their strengths and what families were looking for in a school. And they needed brand standards and creative services to rollout out the new look before the start of the school year.

Our Solution

Conducting several focus groups and looking at secondary research, we created a new name and logo for Harborlight Montessori that speaks to an education not confined to the classroom. Using natural colors, a rounded, futuristic font and a “morphing” leaf icon, we positioned the school as a place of transformation through hands-on learning. The upper and lower case lettering strikes a friendly tone. The warm copper orange color represents the unique copper beach tree found on the school grounds and the organic green tones represent growth. The new tagline: Engage Your World encompasses the true message of the Montessori education. Engage speaks to the way students work as well as the unique learning environment and word “world”  speaks to the fact learning is not confined within a classroom. The morphing theme of the leaf represents transformation and can be extended to other marketing campaigns with other images such as the bird. Students and faculty returned for the new academic year to find a new name, tagline, collateral materials, advertising, signage and school colors.

The Logo