6 Steps to Activating Your Social Media Campaigns During a Pandemic

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We are all trying to get used to our “new normals” which aren’t anywhere close to normal.

What’s appropriate to say?

Is it even appropriate to be marketing right now?

The answer is a quiet yes. Small businesses and non-profits can’t afford to sit back and wait until this is over because the truth is, we have no clue when this is going to be over.

6 Steps to Jump Start Your Social Media During a Pandemic

Step 1: Check that you are using the social media platforms best suited to your organization’s messages and that they are set up properly.

Step 2: Make sure all of your information up to date. Contact information, hours of operation, delivery policies etc. are changing almost daily. Your pages should reflect this timely information.

Step 3: Define your goals during this unprecedented time. Are you a non-profit that relies on funding? Social media is a powerful way to engage potential donors especially as fundraising events are moving to virtual formats. Are you a restaurant that can only provide take out? You’re going to need to keep your customers informed about your hours of operation, specials and pick up policies. Do you sell a product in stores? You’re going to want to shift your efforts to promoting online sales and offering direct shipping. Setting marketing goals will help you figure out what information you should be sharing and which channels are best.

Step 4: Engage your audience. People are spending more time on their phones. Maybe not 25 hours 😉 but they’re scrolling through social media channels eager to connect, be entertained and get informed. While it’s important to be visible, your audiences desire content they value and not simply sales pitches. Monitoring your channels and starting a dialogue is also critical to your business. Allocate enough time to not only edit images and write content but follow the conversations that your posts spark and respond if necessary.

Step 5: Boost your posts. You’ve got to “pay to play” in the wild frontier of social media. We suggest starting with a weekly budget of $50 to ensure your posts are seen.

Step 6: Inspect, Tweak and Repeat. Even pros like us need to make modifications. Look at the analytics as they provide the data points that help you ponder questions like… What posts are working? Then you need to put on your detective hat and figure out what it is people are liking. Is it the image? The time of the posting? The message? Once you have an idea, start to play with those variables in your new posts and look back to the analytics.

This is a new environment for everyone but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to shy away from marketing your goods or services. Remember that people are quadrupling their screen time at the moment so don’t be afraid to take meet your audience where they are.

Become the store or organization that people can rely on. Keep people informed. Heck, keep people entertained! It’s ok to make people smile while they are stuck at home trying to keep themselves and their families safe. And don’t forget, good service during this crisis will lead to loyal customers for life.

Our goal as a strategic marketing agency is to help our clients put together a new game plan for, let’s face it, a new world.

And if you’d like some professional advice on how to keep your business or organization top of mind, we are only a video chat away! Right now we are offering a free, one-hour hour marketing consultation with no strings attached. Shoot us an email and we can help you get started or tweak what you’re doing already. You got this!

Cara, Cazzy and Melissa


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